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......CRYPTIC / Sarah Goemans
comprehension a state of mine, like western paraphernalia
fate inside a mind that taunts life, will it assail ya?
contemplation an abstract emotion mixed with liquor
grab facts and keep them in tact when you brain turns slowly bitter
perceiving isn't understanding, understanding isn't acceptance
life can be demanding, i move puppets and watch the world dance
you wanted to understand me, read between the lines like fine print
my mind is mind life is like salt all it takes is just a pinch
and the dream is gone, forgotten like greek history
its bliss to me, all the people that accept who they see
you're worth more than you perceive, like blind men finding fool's gold
picture perfect scene with a heart that could never be cold
frustration is a lesson, you're upset but wounds will heal
a month can teach the world a lot, you could never be more real
finding like inside a barren concrete host
hard to believe i found smiles in a city of ghosts
Ryan was a hidden humanitarian  / Angela Bristow   Read >>
Ryan was a hidden humanitarian  / Angela Bristow

Its taken me a while to be able to write this. Probably because once I've finished I will know that Ryan isn't with us anymore.
I saw a side of Ryan very few were privy to. He was generous; if he was down to his last beer/cigarette he would offer it to us. He was loyal; despite his big mouth, he could keep a secret and he was one of the most intelligent individuals I have ever had the fortune to meet. He was also romantic. I remember one valentines day he brought me a dozen red roses and a ring. He also attempted to cook me dinner, but that ended in disaster.
I remember him sitting on our front lawn with a carton of beer. I remember his addiction to meat pies and beef and black sauce (not together. But he did try that once). I remember he tried to teach me how to rap (and failed miserably). I remember going around to Nathan's 'trailer' and Ryan teaching me how to play darts (which I later hit him with).
I remember his strong heart. There was a family who lived in his neighbourhood, and the kids never had anything to eat, Ryan would go over there with food and talk to them. Not about getting them out of there, but anything. Anything that would make them laugh. Ryan was a hidden humanitarian. He wanted to educate society about the issues facing Australia, and he wasn't afraid to send out a message. He has written lyrics about it, burnt a flag and gone on endless tirades about it. I always thought he was destined to do great things. That he could change the world And even in his death, I think he has. All of us have banded together to remember him, how he saw the world, how he lived and how we should.
Ryan left behind alot of things. A family, friends and a legacy. A legacy for all of us to be better people. I miss him so much. Even the 'Brrr whys' are being missed. His annoying unable-to-sleep-through clown laugh is being missed. He will always be in my heart as will his family. My deepest condolences to Rhian, Ferdinand and Aiden. Your loss is uncomprehendable.
All my love,
Love you Ryan, take care wherever you may be  / Helen Hack   Read >>
Love you Ryan, take care wherever you may be  / Helen Hack

(Glenn, i will kill you when i get home coz it was only my nosiness that found out about the above, (email address) but now that i have it goes without saying that i have to add my memories of my fourth son.)

First time i remember Ryan making am impact on me was at Zena's birthday party, when someone came running in where we adults were sitting saying that someone was bleeding to death (bit of an exageration..but you get that, at that age :) ) rushed out to where all the kids were sitting, to see Ryan holding his wrist with a pocket knife in his hands saying 'I thought it wasn't very sharp'. Obviously it was, and the look on his face as though saying to the knife 'how dare you'. I'll never forget the look on Zenas mums face, so i took over and after that we became kindred spirits.

The umpteen parties at our house where drunk as he was, there was nooooooooo way he was falling asleep, because to do so, would give someone (anyone) free reign to inflict some sort of pain on him. (payback for all the times he got everyone else ha ha). He would be paraletic and find a corner in the garden where no one could find him, and think he was safe. Any other person would be an easy target at this stage as there is no way they would know what was coming....but not Ryan....as soon as you got within two metres of him, his radar kicked in (never seen anything like it and never will) and he'd jump up and carry on drinking.. What a talent...Brian he beat you hands down on this coz we managed to get YOU. The only time we seemed to get him (but i actually think..or shud i say i know, he let us) was at our place, after a lot of whispering from about five of us, we jumped on him, threw him on Glenns bed, and whilst three were holding him down, one person put the hot wax on his legs and i was ready with the cloths to rip it off. How funny was that day.

The one day, of the very many that we were out on the balcony, where you were smoking yet another of my cigarettes and i finally managed to get the courage to ask you where you were going with your life and not waste it just sitting around doing f..k all and go out there and start being a person. Anyone else would have told me to mind my own business, but as was Ryan, you instead thanked me for being the only person who had the balls to tell you straight, and immediately did something about it.

Our forays at the casino..the good and the bad... again you get that.

The amount of clothing that was returned after you had worn them to bits and were no good to anyone anymore. Classic Ryan.

The millions of chats on the balcony where you were going to change the world and set it straight, who is going to do that now?

Love you Ryan, take care wherever you may be, and am sorry all the love that everyone had for you was not enough to keep you with us longer.

Helen Hack
I can't believe you're gone Ryan  / Roxanne Kappelle   Read >>
I can't believe you're gone Ryan  / Roxanne Kappelle
My sincerest condolences go out to Ryan's family and all of his friends back home who have lost such a wonderful, wonderful guy.
I have a lot of fond memories of Ryan. Underneath all the crazy antics, he always proved to me how sweet and how caring he was. He had an amazing heart.
I'm mourning the relationship i had with Ryan, the deep and meaningfuls where his advice and outlook on life always made me see things with a different perspective. His love for music, the times i went to his house to "record" and work on new songs. We'd run through songs but never end up recording because conversation would always turn to, 'shall we have a few drinks?' and then we'd end up just drinking and chatting, or other people would come round.
At highschool when i first met him, it was in our Tag (we had Mr.Meney as our tag teacher.....). He was one of the few guys who was always nice to me and always took the time to chat. I always felt comfortable in his presence and unjudged. And thought he was this crazy, loud character who scared me but drew me in at the same time. Once i got to know him better, i came to realise that it was just that he had no walls. No hidden agenda. He was just out there "Hello world, this is me, take it or lump it."
I know everyone keeps saying this..but a party without Ryan...wasn't really much of a party. I remember the countless times seeing Ryan completely drunk...he was hilarious! And SO much fun to hang out with. I remember times just sitting out the back of Terry's place chatting, enjoying 'low key' drinks...which wouldn't really end up being low key with Ryan around. I remember listening to him rap out the back of my house, he was just so funny. There was a time period when i was in yr11 (i think...) and my family were overseas so i had people round at my place for drinks, or 'gatherings', quite frequently. Ryan was one of the few people who was always there during this time, getting drunk, and being crazy. Didn't you boys go round my neighbourhood stealing things from worksites? Then coming back with leaf blowers and all sorts of crazy things...i still can't remember what happened to them. But i'm sure there were a lot of angry workmen... haha
When i first heard about Ryan's passing, i met up with Stacey, the only other Murdoch person living in Sydney who knew Ryan as well. We both couldn't believe it, but found comfort in sharing each other's memories of him. I'm going to share with you Stacey's fondest memory as i think it's hilarious. It was at the graduation after party, at Mark's house, and Stacey and Ryan went out the front of the house to have a chat and just get away from the party for awhile. Ryan was considerably drunk and asked Stacey to show him her tits. She said; "No Ryan, i'm not going to show you my tits." Ryan- "Why not? Any other girl here would show me their tits!" Stace- "Ryan! I'm not showing you my tits." Ryan- "See Stacey...that's why i like you. I respect you now for not showing me your tits." After a slight pause. "How bout now?" hahaha we had such a good laugh over this. That was so typical Ryan. We also both had stories of Ryan making comments about our younger sisters. Apparently Ryan took a liking to Stacey's sister at her birthday party, and i remember times Ryan used to tell me my sister "was hot..but too young." Ahh funny boy :) It was all just a bit of tongue in cheek with Ryan though. I used to tease him about the younger sister thing!
My fondest memory is the time Ryan and Terry came over to my house and my Mum went and picked them up from the back of garden city because they didn't want to walk (i was only about 10minutes away). As we pulled up, there were these two sheepish looking guys waiting for a lift, cheeky grins across their faces. In the car, Ryan was *super* polite to my Mum and Mum thought he was lovely. She remembered him from Sweeney Todd (both my parents did) and they thought he was the best actor in the whole play. It was a beautiful sunny day, and when we got back to my place we spent the afternoon hanging out and playing basketball outside and ordering pizza until the sun set. My little brother really took a liking to Ryan. I think cos Ryan played basketball with him. He even asked me when Ryan was coming over again. He was such a big kid and had such warming energy about him.
He seemed so full of life to me. When the incident with the 'flag burning' happened, i remember thinking to myself, "I'm glad we have people like Ryan standing up for what they believe in." I loved Ryan's 'stick it' attitude. But mostly because he had intelligence to go with his angst and that's what made what he had to say, meaningful. He had a witty tongue and it was his most powerful asset. He was undeniably clever.
I remember all the songs he used to send me by email, his political messages used to really grab me. He was so spot on with saying what he thought it was somewhat intimidating, but absolutely admirable. He was on the ball with his words. I remember going on msn at stupid times of the night, and Ryan would be on there and we'd have these crazy, cool conversations. I really loved that we shared a love for music. We used to chat about our goals all the time. He was always full of good advice. I really looked up to him because when his nurturing side would come out, he just seemed like an older brother.
It was only a few weeks ago that i spoke to Ryan on the phone. This was strange because i've lost contact with a lot of friends back home, simply because i don't see them anymore on a regular basis. Ryan was being his usual charming self, and he was with Will at the time and they were both quite drunk. Ryan had me convinced he was Will for about 10minutes until i figured out i was being tricked. We had a quick catch up about what we were both getting up to. We were supposed to send each other songs by e-mail, but never got round to doing it. I remember after i got off the phone i was in such a good mood. It felt really nice hearing the voice of a familiar person. His energy was infectious.
I can't believe you're gone Ryan. I know it's been awhile since i've actually seen you or spent time with you, but you were always someone i considered an absolute top bloke. You are someone who will be absolutely missed, and i hope that you are at peace, where ever you are now my friend. What a shame the world had to lose someone like you. There aren't enough people with your spirit around. I promise to come back home to be at your funeral to celebrate and farewell your life properly. If only we could hug you one more time and tell you how much we love you. With so much love buddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
the guy with the Best smile i've ever seen  / Jess Anderton   Read >>
the guy with the Best smile i've ever seen  / Jess Anderton

Dear all,

Decided to write my two cents worth to let you all know how special Ryan was too me.. Ryan was the eternal loud mouth. He was Always making jokes (usually at someones expense), doing that freaky CLOWN laugh (which we knew all too well and usually kept us up to all hours),Breaking something (whether it be a material possession or bodily) but he always made me smile.

I remember a party which we had at my house one summers evening when Ryan, as usual decided to liven up the party by juming off the waterfall into the pools shallow end. It was all fun and games as soon as the water feature along with the the wall collapsed and water was spurting everywhere. Besides the fact he could have really hurt himself Ryan was very apologetic which left me to tell mum what had happened. He was very upset at what had happened and promised to fix it. (which Natt and Mark ended up doing the next day.) He stayed at my house for the weekend and was absolutley stoked to have a huge Chinese takeaway dinner on the Sunday Night. It was like a kid in a candy shop. All he kept saying was "this is the best meal i've ever had..." haha Ryan sure knew how to eat when he was in the mood and was always greatful for a meal, whoevers house he was at :o)

I used to love going to Ryans just to hang out and watch a movie, (the old white sheet stuck to the wall with the projector playing freddy vs jason) or to play cards (on the graffiti ridden table) or just to get drunk and hope the dog didn't try to hump you if you passed out! I slept next to Ryan one night at his house and I have never heard louder snoring. I kicked and kicked and kicked him but there was no ease of the ear rattling sound coming from his nose and mouth. haha. Bastard!

Another time that comes to mind is the car ride home from a night at Ang's where I was following Shaun with Ryan in his passenger seat. I think Shaun pulled over 3 times on the way home only for me to witnes projectile vomit powering from the passenger window! Not what you really want to see when your hung over yourself, but as usual, Ryan was up and drinking again that night, I really dont know how he did it!

My final memory I'll share is the time we decided to go to the Zoo :o) what a fantastic day! It was a sunday and Zena, Jessie and I were bored so we picked Ryan up and went to talk to the animals. And thats just what Ryan did, he sat next to the statue of the Gorilla at the entrance and had a 10 min conversation. The funniest thing I've seen ( never mind the tourists staring and whispering about the crazy guy talking to a concrete animal!) You'd think we'd be embarressed but all we could do was laugh, that was Ryan and we didnt care...Classic!

Ryan was always the friend who you could not only have a mature and intellectual converation with but one who'd make you laugh in the process. I love you Ryan and will miss you always. Nothing will ever fill the void you have left in my life. You were a great friend and the guy with the Best smile i've ever seen.

Take care,

Jess xoxo
ure battlin angels now mate...  / Papa Smurf   Read >>
ure battlin angels now mate...  / Papa Smurf
gday every1,

im sure the unexpected passing of a good mate has confused and shocked us all, partys will never bee the same without the constant laughs and general noise ryan created which we all loved.

Ryan was a constans source of amusement, be it a good chat (anything, he always had strong views and wasnt afraid to express them) that when u walked away from, u actually enjoyed, or just a great laugh at either his or sum unfortunate bystanders expence. i remeber when he broke his foot after jumping the gap at garbo, and when rolling on the ground in pain, recieves a good laughing at from shaun (funny vid) not long after we were at tunaz place having some drinks, ryan decides to climb a palm tree out the back, once again, without his shirt on, and this was shortly after he has his nipple done. once he got up it, it was a delemer on how to get down, so wat dows he do?? goes the whole firemans routine and slides down the tree, only to come away from it cut all over his torse, arms, and well, lets say pretty much everywhere (their bloody rough as!), as if that wasnt enough, a bit of salt to rub into his wounds seemed in order! (it burns!!!!)

Shortly after some of us were thirsty, hungry and just generally wanted to go on a treck, so we piled into shauns car and drove to te servo to satisfy our cravings. on the way back, ryan decides he needs a piss when i stopped the car at the lights, he opens the door and goes to get out, at the same time i decide to run the red light cu it was late and no1 was around, next thing i know i hear ryan yellying, "GET OFF M FOOT, REVERSE REVERSE!!!" took me a good 5 seconds to realise wat was going on so i drove fowards, only to
cop a serve of "I SED REVERSE!!!" so backed up and sure enough, his foot was f*cked, the pain he must of been in considering his foot was still munted from jumpin the gap, all he needed was a time out for an hour and in true ryan spirit, he was back at it and drinking with us!

how much torture can one man take in one night? thats just one of many times he toughed it out! good on ya mate, ure a trooper and will be missed by all.

ure battlin angels now mate...

l8er buddy, son-of-pump-pump (bastard! =) )
Aka Choona - yes, i'll always have u to thank for that Ryan!  / Leena Roffey   Read >>
Aka Choona - yes, i'll always have u to thank for that Ryan!  / Leena Roffey

I'll always remember Ryan as the crazy guy that he was, he was always up for any adventure and shenanegans and always made them HILARIOUS!!!!

I remember one time he jumped into the fish pond at the guys house at Earlston Wy in nothing but his old, orange, cotton, boxer shorts with Felix the cat on them...and a look on his face that said "What is sooooo funny"!!

He'd always ring up his mum at some un-godly hour in the morning to come pick him up, (and she always came..bless her!!), on his old mobile phone that was missing the front so he had to use a stick or something to press the buttons!!

I remember when he wore this Nazi T-shirt to Garden City and was terrorizing all the little old ladies in the supermarket!Classic!

He was a real sweety and ALWAYS made me and everyone around him laugh. We will forever miss him and his antics, but will never forget. 

love Leena
(Aka Choona - yes, i'll always have u to thank for that Ryan!!!)
Ryan was a great guy and a real good person to talk to  / George Phillip   Read >>
Ryan was a great guy and a real good person to talk to  / George Phillip

I'd just like to say i spent alot of time with Ryan during my time at
murdoch college and even after that. Just last week Paul Dequintal called him becuase we were all going out together after exams finished, and i tried to reach him on wednesday on msn and he didnt get back to me.

Ryan was a great guy and a real good person to talk to, we had alot of laughs together.

My condolensces go out to his family. Youll be missed.

George Phillip Okungu
Murdoch College, TAG 23
good luck on your journey my friend  / Terry Healy   Read >>
good luck on your journey my friend  / Terry Healy
hey ryan
good luck on your journey my friend
many shenanigans still to be had

Ryan... our wonderful very own home grown Aussie Icon  / Alex Milne   Read >>
Ryan... our wonderful very own home grown Aussie Icon  / Alex Milne

To a friend,

Ryan... our wonderful very own home grown Aussie Icon. He drove me crazy, absolutely up the wall, calling me at odd hours of the night for the first six months of our friendships to have a girls talk. He would don a silly voice and tell me all of his problems, some real, some made up... to an audience of tears and laughter. Ryan was a wonderful friend to me through some very hard and rocky times through the last three years. He would listen, he would comment, and then he would say the most politically incorrect thing he could think of, and i would laugh. When i landed myself in hospital, PD showed up with balloons he had stolen from god knows where and donned my blanket as a cape. We snuck into the kids ward and played video games all day. He ended up being 'Asked to leave' because of his loud manner and Brrrrt Whhhy's... which i think may have scared the children... he would have revelled in that...

Ryan, the man who tried to convince me to marry him so he could take my Canadian Citizenship and go there to live. Ryan, who when i moved away, took my place at the beloved Mt Henry, the seediest Tavern in the world. He made me coffee, which i was scared of, toast which was burnt, and limped to my car when he screwed up his ankle (?) Because i didnt have the heart to say no to giving him a lift. He lied about his age to work at the telemarketers with me. It was a shite job, I dont know why either of us where doing it. I think we were tryin to be responsible...

Ryan, the boy who jumped in our pool at awful hours of the morning with Matty in the middle of winter, was given clothes by my mum, and wore them, constantly, for years to follow. The light blue cow pj pants, which where discovered in a dakking session around a pool table, he was wearing them under his jeans. My mothers pj's. And my little brothers chicken towel. Ryan is fondly known as Chicken Man to my sisters because of that towel. He loved it. We let him keep it... Sorry Bef.

Ryan, a partner in crime, evil internet crime. A party man, correction THE party man. A friend, A confidante. The stubbornest dork in the world... yes ryan, the knife is sharp. PD (Pixie Demon) a bizarre name that Ryan named our friendship as it began, and it stuck with us till the end. The toys, the glowsticks, the lights, the teddy, the shed, the Odie hat with pipecleaners... i never did get that back. We had a bizarre party life for a while there. But i wouldnt have wanted to share it with anyone but Ryan, The hacks, Matty, Chubba, Mark and all the others who joined us at that time.

I regret not being in touch more with him now over the past year. I really wish i could change that now. But i cherish the moments we had together. the laughter, the tears... he is a friend like no other, a friend to many, owned by none.

My love always PD.
Your friend.
Cheers for making our lives that much better  / Brizsa   Read >>
Cheers for making our lives that much better  / Brizsa
Hi all,

I guess I can try to recall a story of Ryan & one of his many misadventures! (Sorry if it's all ver the place)

The date is around this time of the year, November 2003. I had just broken up with Jade & as you may all recall it wasn't a pretty thing to bare witness to.
I had hit hard times & everyone around me was feeling the brunt of my misery. Hey what can you do... Bloody women!

I had called up TanZ & asked if she could stay with me for a while, just cos I needed a real friend around me at the time. Now for some reason that I do not recall anymore, Ryan was over at my place & needless to say was probably joining in the drowning of sorrows & helping me through one of the wussie times in my life (cheers bro) when the idea came to the three of use that we should have a week long sleep over to try & cheer us all up.

it was a stinking hot summer that year so Ryan brought around his fan & we all loaded the lounge rooms with cushions & pillows & blankets in front of the TV where we spent the next week hanging out. Now I'm not one to talk, but when he wanted to (& in those days he sometimes did) Ryan could go about 4-6 days without a shower! So in reality Ryan ended up becoming a crime deterrent, would you come & rob a house that smelled like that? hell no... but it was something that both TanZ & myself had come to "enjoy" / put up with. The three of us had basically turned our lives around from absolute CRUD to an easily manageable riggermarole of everyday life. I know that both TanZ & myself cannot attribute this turn around to the either of us. We've had enough sh*thouse times to know that we sometimes need a little extra in our lives to pull us through the cr*p parts.

Ryan mate, you were that something. You always were mate. Everyone I see can only remember you as the life of every party (or a party of life every!), a big smile & a Brrrrrt Whhhhhy?! You were like a bro to me & I know TanZ feels the same way.

How can we forget the Chick-a-palooza - several grown adults, 8 chicken gnomes, a skateboard & any reason to weird out the locals around garden city early in the day. [Pictures to come]
I can never forget how no matter how cold it was you could always last the whole party shirtless, rhyming with mates, drink pong with the boys & girls... the never ending ping pong battle between Chubba & Ryan - no matter what time of the day or night, darts, monopoly, climbing the roof / sails at Garden City / trees / etc, just your everyday general shenanigans.

We all have to thank you for the immortal naming of my favourite girl Leena, how Choona came to be was hilarious & something only you could be the instigator of... With a little hard work & ignoring all the "my name is actually Leena" comments it has truely come to stick...
You were part of the family buddy... Even Snoopy knew not to hump your leg anymore, just licks & hugz (even though the plot to paint her pink was alway in your mind) you will be missed & everywhere I look around my house there you are - sitting outside, playing "speiken", a bit of 1,2 f*ck you, a*sehole, the list goes on.

I could keep going but I'll be back to fill another spot with silly anecdotes & crazy Ryanisms.

Cheers for making our lives that much better.

I will never forget you mate!  / Glenn Hack   Read >>
I will never forget you mate!  / Glenn Hack
Glenn Hack

G'Day All!
I like most of you want to make the situation that has unfolded never forget the impact Ryan has made on all of us. Additionally, I wish to over extend the sympathy that I and I bet all of you feel to Ryan's family. In turn, read the below on an email account set up in Ryans name to try and peice together a life that ended too soon for all of us to handle. If everyone can email pictures, videos, music, anything that would be suited to Ryans life, It would be a greater gift that you would ever know. hiphopryan@gmail.com
I personally am trying to catalogue what I can and forward to the account. ANYTHING! even if it were one picture, you know what they say... well now that picture will tell infinite words! I wish to see and hear from you all even if it be just a story you wish to share, it makes a difference. We have all had the times of our lives with Ryan, and his actions will never die, neither the impact he left on us all.
I will never forget you mate! 
Much Luv

I miss you Ryan  / Aga Lenartowicz   Read >>
I miss you Ryan  / Aga Lenartowicz
It has taken me a while to actully write something to add to this webpage, i have so many things that i want to share but i am having trouble putting them all together.
I have a book of quotes and nice things that i write down that mean something to me, in this book i found 2 different pieces written by Ryan to me. i will share the frist one with you and maybe at a later date the second.

before i post the 'poem' i should clear something up as you may wonder who this munchy bubble pie is.

when i first met Ryan, Glenn had given me the nick name Munchy (long story to do with frozen grapes...) and Glenn introduced me to Ryan as Munchy, Ryan was delighted in this nick name, asked me what my real name was, i told him Aga, he decided that he liked Munchy better as thats how he was introduced to me and asked if he could call me Munchy, of course i told him he could, and so he did. never once did he call me Aga, it was always Munchy or when in greeting MUUUUUUNNNCCHHHY!!!!! now Ryan was fond of this nick name and wanted to add his own splash of something to it so he added Bubble Pie, so i became Ryans Munchy Bubble Pie.

Below is a poem for me from Ryan

M.y friend, one ofthe best, forever laughing at fools, forever
U.nimpressed with shiny material things its amazing the happiness that this girl brings
N.ever a frown as she laughs and swings her thoughts bout until you're
C.aught out in a cloud of doubt wondering how much clot you
H.ave, this girl reaches out and grabs yur attention, looks and kindness from another dimension
Y.ou'll never be suprised when Munchy is preventin' all the tension thats caused when other people are mentioned
B.ut she can be quite opinionated, about herself she's often contemplated the fact that she's hated herself while as the perfect girl she's waited
U.ndiscovered by her eventual lover who will love-her like all of us. yet she'll never feel smothered
B.ecause she makes her own life, she knows where she goes, she just happens to be a girl not a hoe
B.efore I met Munchy, it seemed to me girls were all crazy, lying backstabbing bitches their intentions always hazy
L.ittle did I know I'd only met hoes, so when I met Munchy those ideas flew out the doe...(Door)
E.cstacy can be compared to one of Munchy's warm, encompassing stares, comedowns to her angry glares of her feelings you're always unaware
P.ieces of perfection, mixed with humanity and a splash of compassion, created somebody called Munchy, she's really quite dashing.
I.'ll never understand why she's not arrogant because she's got qualities in this life she can use to cause descent as she makes her ascent to the great heights she'll rise to into the skies with great delight
E.verytime you get depressed, or down on yourself... just read this weird rhyme and know you're top shelf... like Alcohol you only get better with age, dont be upset put yourself on display!!

i know this won't be as meaningful to you as it is to me, but it shows how wonderful and talented Ryan was.

Not every one is as lucky as me to have a 'weird rhyme' to help them out, so I'm sharing mine with you.

I miss you Ryan

Love your Munchy Bubble Pie
missing my crazy ozzy friend..  / Diana Scanlon   Read >>
missing my crazy ozzy friend..  / Diana Scanlon
I dont have loads to say because im crap at writing, but this time of the year reminds me of the mad times i had working with ryan and our crazy crew in bobby dazz's.
im back in ireland now but this time last year we were partying hard for christmas and the new year on scarborough beach. it was alot different from every other christmas, but by far the best craic with the best people anyone could meet on there travells.
i only knew ryan about 3 months before my visa was up and it was time to come home, but in those 3 months i met a good friend who indulged in the crazy life of a backpacker.
i will miss you very much, but will always keep your energy with me.

love always,
your irish friend


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